These Foods Will Help Lose Weight Fast – Top 18

Help Lose Weight Fast

Hydrate yourself with water, the world’s foremost medicine for disease and help lose weight fast

Drinking enough water can help you lose weight fast. In all likelihood, you have heard over and over again how proper hydration is so important for your health. If you don’t drink enough water, you can end up dehydrated which in turn can lead on to other nasty conditions such as headaches, fatigue, aching muscles, and cramps. Skin problems can develop; low blood pressure and even rapid heart rate all can result as skimping on being well hydrated.

And if it is really serious dehydration this can even lead on to organ failure. That so- called old wives’ tale of drinking 8 glasses of water a day, even if you have heard it a thousand times over, is really important to meet all your hydration needs. If you are a dieter, then hydration can even help you with losing weight, and that’s a promise!

Apart from drinking water, there are top water foods to enjoy too

Lots of people think that by keeping hydrated, they just need to drink plenty of water. There are so many healthy hydrating foods out there. Apart from contributing to your health, they can contribute to the amount of water you get in your diet. In fact, we are going to list some of the tips to lose weight fast, with water-rich foods that will benefit your body greatly in keeping hydrated.

Watermelon – Water Content: 92%. Watermelon is an extremely healthy fruit, and one of the most hydrating foods around. Just one cup of this delicious thirst quenching fruit contains about 118 ml of water. At the same time, you are adding fiber to your diet and other important nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, and magnesium too.

watermelon for weight loss

And talking of hydration for losing weight, well, the watermelon provides you with only 46 calories per cup. That’s because it has so much water in it, with a low-calorie density. There’s no fast weight loss, however foods with lower calorie densities are known to help with weight loss. They promote a feeling of fullness, reducing appetite.

Strawberries – Water Content: 91%. Strawberries are very hydrating because they have such high water content. Not only that, they offer you plenty of fiber and also disease-fighting antioxidants, minerals and vitamins and that includes folate, manganese, and vitamin C. Strawberries are also known to reduce inflammation and they do a good job of protecting you against diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and certain cancers too. Who doesn’t find it easy to add strawberries to the diet? – All you have to do is blend them to turn them into delicious smoothies.

strawberries good for cancers and diabetes

Cantaloupe – Water Content: 90%. Cantaloupes are melons and they are highly nutritious, boosting your health in quite a few ways. Just one cup of this hydrating fruit will give you 118 ml of water already. That same cup will give you 2 grams of fiber, providing you with a fullness to reduce your appetite. Cantaloupes are also rich in vitamin A.

Cantaloupes helps you lose weight

Oranges – Water Content: 88%. The orange is one incredible fruit, highly healthy and nutritious, supplying you with plenty of liquid refreshment. 118 ml of water is to be found in one cup of orange juice, which is also loaded with fiber and nutrients such as vitamin C and potassium, all ready to give your immune system a boost.

oranges good for kidney stones

Oranges are also rich in disease-fighting antioxidants and flavonoids for fight inflammation. If you eat oranges regularly, you can protect yourself as well from developing kidney stones – this is due to the citric acid in oranges which binds with calcium oxalate to flush out the kidney stones.

Skim Milk – Water Content: 91%. Skim milk is highly nutritious, filled with vitamins and minerals. Just a few spoons dropped into a glass of water will give you heaps of nutrients, helping with overall hydration. You will be amazed at how greatly it rehydrates you after you have been involved in strenuous exercises.

skim milk keeps you hydrated after workout

Studies actually show that skim milk helps people to stay hydrated after workouts, comparing much more positively to sports drinks, and even plain water. It is because skim milk has life-giving electrolytes in them and protein content too, all helping to replace the loss of body fluids, so necessary to stay hydrated.

Cucumbers – Water Content: 95%. Just looking at delicious cucumbers makes you feel cool and hydrated already. That is because they are made up of just about entirely water. They also provide small amounts of other nutrients like magnesium, potassium, and vitamin K. Cucumbers also have low amounts of calories too, when compared to other water-rich veggies. After all, there are only 8 calories in a half-cup of cucumbers, and they are also so refreshing.

Cucumbers have only 8 calories keeps you hydrated.

It’s no wonder they are famous for being eaten while attending power games like Wimbledon tennis! Cool cucumber sandwiches to strengthen and to refresh!

Lettuce – Water Content: 96%. Just one cup or 72 grams of lettuce will provide you with more than a quarter cup of water. Lettuce also has folate in, which makes it important for women who are pregnant – folate is known to help prevent neural birth defects.

Lettuce helps prevent birth defects

Lettuce leaves contain health-giving amounts of vitamin K and vitamin A, both important for keeping the immune system healthy and the bones strong. The combination of water and fiber to be found in lettuce makes it very filling for such a low number of calories – 10 calories to 1 cup of lettuce. Lettuce is ideal in salads and what would a burger be without scrumptious lettuce as its companion.

Broths and Soups – Water Content: 92%. Both soups and broths are usually water-based which makes them highly potential for hydration and weight loss. In fact, the bone broth diet is such a popular eating plan, combining the principles of the Paleo diet and intermittent fasting, that’ll help lose weight fast.

Fans of the bone broth diet say it is amazingly effective in terms of weight loss, but that it comes with added benefits such as skin health, benefiting joint function and health. And there’s no need to measure calories either. You can incorporate these hydrating soups and broths into your lifestyle, just 1-3 servings of bone broth a day. Have the broth alongside a diet which is eating whole, unprocessed foods for five days a week and you will see the weight fall off.

Broths are good for hydration and weight loss

If you are interested in following the bone broth diet, remember that grains, gluten, soy, dairy, and sugar should also be avoided. The other 2 days remaining days of the week, drink only the hydrating bone broth. Proponents of this way of dieting claim that the bone broth diet results in rapid weight loss and improves gut health and decreases inflammation. There are in fact many studies found where consuming soup before your main meal helps you eat fewer calories.

Tomatoes – Water Content: 94%. We all know what a very impressive nutrition and health profile tomatoes provide. One medium sized tomato will offer you 118 ml of water. Tomato also has immune-boosting vitamins A and C in it. There are only 32 calories in 1-cup of tomato and they are packed with fiber and disease-fighting antioxidants, including lycopene.

Tomatoes lower the risk of heart disease

Lycopene has plenty of health benefits, not least is its power to lower the risk of heart disease and also to prevent the development of prostate cancer. They are also so versatile, easily cooked up in soups, sauces and added into salads.

Other High Hydration Foods

Zucchini water content

celery health benefits

Plain yogurt contains a lot of water

bell peppers are low in calories

Cauliflowers are very nutritious and hydrating

Cabbages for hydration

Grapefruit gives half cup of water to your daily hydration needs

Coconut Water health benefits

cottage cheese health benefits

Soft skin, excellent health with water-rich foods, veggies, and dairy

As you can see from the above, whilst drinking water is important, it is highly possible, and essential that you consume a goodly amount of water by including the above colorful variety of water-rich fruits, vegetables, and dairy products in your diet.

It is the reason, too, why most people don’t necessarily have to drink a lot of water. Because as long as you are eating plenty of water-rich foods and drinking water when you feel thirsty, you won’t have a problem staying hydrated.

Let’s look at some important reasons…
fast weight loss

Researchers might still be unsure as to why drinking more water helps a person to lose weight, but there are plenty of studies which show the positive correlation between increased water consumption and weight loss.

1. Water is a natural appetite suppressant

The stomach can sense when it is full so it will send signals to the brain that you have had enough. Water takes up a lot of space in the stomach and yet it contains no calories. You feel fuller and less hungry when you drink a glass of water. Sometimes people think they are hungry when they are actually thirsty. If you drink a glass of water before starting to eat a meal, you can actually help to curb any unnecessary snacking.

Desperate to lose weight fast? A study completed in 2014 where 50 overweight women drank 500 ml of water 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch, and dinner, each day. For 8 weeks they did this, aside from drinking their regular water consumption. They all experienced a reduction in body fat, body weight, and body mass index, as well as reporting appetite suppression.

2. Water increases the burning of calories

Studies also show that when you drink plenty of water you have an increase in energy expenditure 90 minutes after drinking the water – you burn more calories. Water seems to temporarily increase the number of calories burned while resting. Also drinking cold water seems to enhance the water’s calorie-burning benefits because the body uses up calories or energy by heating up the water for digestion.

3. Water helps to remove waste from the body

If the body is well hydrated, it becomes easier for the body to remove waste, such as urine and feces, and all the essential electrolytes and nutrients are retained. It’s when your body is dehydrated that the kidneys retain waste fluids. This causes dehydration, resulting in constipation and lumpy stools. Water keeps the waste moving and helps your body to recover from digestive problems like indigestion and diarrhea – it literally keeps that bloated, swollen and tired feeling away.

4. Drinking fresh clean water can reduce overall other liquid calorie intake

Clean water, with no calories, is the best alternative to drinking fruit juices and energy drinks. It is so easy to pack on the calories by drinking juices, sodas, sweetened tea and coffee and people simply forget that there are heaps of calories in sports drinks and alcoholic beverages – they kind of link calories to food. Replacing just a few of the high-calorie drinks for water, you will see long-term weight loss benefits.

5. Water is necessary to burn fat

When you are not sufficiently hydrated, your body can’t metabolize stored carbs and fats properly. Therefore Water is essential for burning off fat from foods and drinks and stored fat as well.

6. Water helps with workouts

Exercise is a top priority when it comes to any weight loss program. However, water also plays a huge role alongside exercise. It is water that helps the muscles, joints, and connective tissues to move correctly. Water also helps your heart, your lungs, and the other organs in your body to work effectively as the activity is ramped up when you do exercises. Without water, they would all seize up.

When you are hydrated you reduce the risk of experiencing muscle cramps and fatigue. To avoid dehydration, drink before you exercise, keeping water always at hand, particularly when the weather is hot and humid.

How much water should I drink?

Your intake of water relates to certain factors like your health and age. Even though there aren’t any standard recommendations for how much water to drink, here are some factors to look at which will help you determine your water requirements:

  • Your activity levels
  • Your age
  • Your body size
  • The temperature, humidity and sun exposure you are in
  • Your health status

Most of the health authorities, however, do have suggestions for daily water intake. These ranges of water intake come from the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) in the USA:

  • 2,700 mL a day for adult women
  • 3,700 mL a day for adult men

Yes, hydration helps for weight loss, for sure. Drinking enough water is a good key to maintaining a healthy weight, and studies show that there are links between staying slim and being hydrated. Studies also show that the less hydrated you are, the more likely you are to have a higher body mass index (BMI).

if you’re looking for ways to lose weight fast, water actually deserves far greater focus. People, yes, are often advised to drink water to help them along when they are on a diet – there are plenty of studies which prove this.

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