Control Anxiety and Panic Attacks By Managing Your Thoughts

If you often experience strange and crazy thoughts that are disturbing and want to get these thoughts out of your head, then you’ll be happy to know that you can do just that when you learn how to manage your thoughts to help you control your anxiety.

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While it is normal to have crazy and strange thoughts from time to time, what makes it not normal and out of the ordinary, is when they reoccur often and when you have difficulties forgetting about them. These crazy thoughts can even cause fear because the thought is so disturbing in nature. If you want to be able to manage your thoughts, you’ll need to understand the facts that surround anxious thoughts, their roots, and how to avoid them.

Controlling Your Anxiety by Managing Your Thoughts

When you are experiencing crazy thoughts, you are experiencing anxious thoughts. A person who doesn’t suffer from anxiety disorders will have difficulty understanding the various ways that anxiety can affect the body and the mind. The logical explanation to this is that all people experience anxiety at different times during their life.

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Some more common experiences that can bring on anxiety are just prior to a job interview, exam, or even asking someone out on a date. However, these instances of anxiety tend to pass right after the conclusion of the event. Nevertheless, people who suffer from anxiety disorders are so much different from the kind anxiety others experience.

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Anxiety disorders can make an impact on both the emotional and physical aspects of a life, which can lead to a significant imbalance. The creation of crazy and scary thoughts is one of the more common symptoms that people with anxiety experience.

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Anxiety has the capacity to change one’s thoughts and make you think, and believe, that you are losing touch with reality. It makes you think that you are losing your mind and thus, going crazy. If you are suffering from these symptoms, you don’t need to worry, and they are just the effects of your anxious thoughts.

What Triggers Anxious Thoughts?

There are different anxious thoughts that may be considered crazy. These thoughts are not only rooted in worry, but most of them are rooted in the anxiety symptoms that you may be suffering.

Control Unwanted Images

People who suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder, OCD, are the ones that often experience unwanted images. These unwanted images are usually formed by their feelings of worry, insecurity, and the need to protect their lives and those they love. Sometimes these unwanted images can be triggered by what they fear the most.

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For example, those who suffer from OCD might imagine some form of severe violence, which can be extremely distressing. In response to this distress, they lock all of the doors. Or they might imagine a severe fire that might happen, so they continually check the gas for leaks. These actions are directly linked to their anxiety.

Controlling Unprompted Worries

Worry is the cornerstone of anxiety. In this effect, someone who suffers from anxiety experiences strange worries, which are often irrational. It makes them worry that something bad may happen. The worrying symptom can be extremely persistent and arbitrary, but it all boils down to the anxiety sufferer getting a strange feeling, which makes them uncomfortable.

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Fear of Going Crazy

The actual fear that anxiety suffers are going crazy comes from the symptoms of anxiety being so distinct that they might actually think they are going nuts. The distinct feel of anxiety can make your head spin with many undesirable and rapid thoughts that are extremely hard to control. This fear can be so irrational that it affects daily activities and can have a tremendous impact on the life of those with an anxiety disorder.

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How to Avoid Anxious Thoughts

Anxiety is affected by your thoughts, and your thoughts are affected by anxiety. With one building on the other, the situation can become almost impossible to control. Here are some ways that you can start to avoid anxious thoughts and end the cycle of worry.

Face The Fear Thoughts

The logic is behind the fear. You don’t want to think of the thought because of the fear that comes with it. So you will need to figure out how to set your mind not to fear the thoughts. No matter how crazy the thought you are having is, when you learn and practice to face it, the thoughts can no longer be a reason to fear the thought, and it doesn’t matter if the thought reoccurs.


Create The Thought To Resist

Another way that you can manage your anxious thoughts is by creating it before it even happens. When your mind is used to the thought, your fear will be suppressed. The reason behind this method is that when people fear something, they have to face their fears and will eventually learn how to overcome those fears.

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Write The Thoughts That Trouble You

One way that professionals have those suffering from anxiety deal with their fears is to write down the troubling thoughts as a way to get it out of your head. When someone has anxious thoughts, writing those thoughts down on a piece of paper is like placing it somewhere permanent, which allows the mind to relax. This practice of writing down fearful and anxious thoughts tends to appease the mind and allows it to forget eventually.

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These are just a few of the easy ways that you can begin to deal with anxious thoughts that appear randomly. While you will still need to deal with your underlying anxiety, these simple steps can help you stop the debilitating thoughts in their tracks.

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