Instant Relief For Sore Throat, Cold and Cough

Instant Relief For Sore Throat, Cold and Cough. What drink helps a sore throat? Ginger is an excellent source of healthy nutrients containing natural anti-inflammatory properties along with antioxidants, which work within the body to prevent and restore damage to cells.

The anti-inflammatory aspects of ginger is an effective treatment of nausea in its various forms. Whether general nausea, post-surgery, or even nausea that results from chemotherapy treatments, ginger has been known to alleviate it, muscle pain and soreness is also effectively reduced by ginger.

Here’s a simple home remedy for sore throat, cold and cough, using ginger

home remedy for cold


  • 2 tbsp Raw Honey
  • 1 Inch Ginger piece
  • Half of Lime

How To Prepare

Grate ginger piece to a cup. Then add 2 tbsp of honey and mix well. After that, squeeze half lime and mix well again. You’re good to go. Take this remedy twice daily, once in the morning and about 45 minutes before you go to bed. Checkout the video below as well.

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