Your Body Needs A Detox Cleanse, Here’s Why


Chronic Fatigue: Here’s why your body needs a detox cleanse. If you’re getting the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep each night but still find yourself battling chronic fatigue, a buildup of toxins can be behind this. When the body is full of toxins it puts stress on the adrenal glands which over time can lead to adrenal fatigue and leave you feeling tired.

Brain Fog: When there are toxins stored in the body the brain can be negatively impacted. Toxins such as MSG or aspartame can kill brain cells and prevent oxygen from reaching the brain. In turn, memory and cognitive function can be greatly diminished.

Weight Gain: Toxins in the body are lipophilic meaning they are being stored in body fat. These toxins possess pesticides and dioxins which lead to an increase in the production of fat cells in order to store more toxins within them. This means an increase in weight and significant difficulty trying to lose weight, even when watching caloric intake and exercising.

Mood Swings: Hormonal imbalances that lead to mood swings might indicate the need for a detox cleanse. When toxins such as xenoestrogens are present within the body it can lead to imbalances that lead to frequent or drastic shifts in mood throughout the day.

Dull Skin/Breakouts: When the body is filled with toxins the liver, which is primarily responsible for removing toxins, is unable to purge toxins from the body. Other organs like the skin then attempt to purge these toxins which can mean breakouts, rashes, inflammation, eczema, and other skin issues. Frequent skin flares may very well mean that a detox cleanse if needed so the liver is able to regain proper function.

Constipation: When waste builds up in the body it poses a huge threat, and severe constipation is one of the major signs of this. A lack of antioxidants, fiber, and poor hydration can create this buildup of toxins which are absorbed into the bloodstream. In addition to constipation, bloating and cramping often coincide with this symptom.

Detox Cleanse

Chronic Headaches/Migraines: If you find yourself constantly getting headaches or migraines it could be a sign that a detox cleanse is needed. If toxin levels are too high, they can impact the brain leading to stress and inflammation that causes headaches and/or migraines.

Inflammation: Inflammation throughout the body which can present itself as chronic pain or soreness might also be a sign of toxin buildup. Toxins can actually stimulate pain receptors in the muscles, leading to spasm, knots, and cramps.

Insomnia: Persistent bouts of insomnia could also be an indicator of the need for a detox cleanse. In healthy people, levels of the stress hormone cortisol are high in the morning and decrease throughout the day.

This allows the body to be able to drift off to sleep without interruption. However, when toxins are built up in the body there is an imbalance in cortisol meaning that its levels at night are elevated. This can prevent sleep by leading to feelings of energy and activity, even when the physical body is exhausted.

Unpleasant Odor: A chronic bad odor in the form of foul gas/stools, bad breath, or body odor can be an indicator that the body is suffering from a buildup of toxins. When the liver and colon have trouble removing toxins it can lead to persistent odor that is impossible to rid even when good hygiene habits are practiced.

Those looking to detox cleanse their bodies should try an ionic foot bath. Full body detox cleanse at home

Today’s society is extremely poisonous. The chemicals in our food, water, and even our clothing contribute to the pollution in the air. Toxins and metals could be present at any time. These poisons build up over time and can be stored in your fat cells, which are notorious for their tenacity when it comes to clinging to foreign substances.

detox cleanse Ionic Detox Foot Bath Machine

Sweating it out in a sauna or hot bath is a great way to detox cleanse your system of built-up toxins. However, most people just do not have the time to devote to a sauna routine sufficient to achieve the desired benefits. To add insult to injury, that is probably not comfortable enough, and if used for detoxification, it ought to be done under the watchful eye of a medical professional.

There is a simple solution that is helping an increasing number of individuals get rid of these pollutants. This is why ionic detox foot baths are so helpful. To say that this is not your typical foot bath would be an understatement.

Positively charged ions are produced by an ionic detox cleanse foot bath by means of a tiny current that travels in a circuit throughout the body. An extremely high concentration of ions in the field binds to the poisons, neutralizing them, and allowing the body to flush them out through the roughly 2,000 pores in the soles of your feet. The natural acid-alkaline equilibrium can then be experienced. There is no discomfort, and the procedure only takes around 30 minutes.

Pacemakers, organ transplant recipients, and pregnant or nursing moms are advised against using this foot bath.

The majority of Americans are in a pretty acidic world right now. The ph levels in our bodies are out of whack. This leaves you vulnerable to a number of ailments. In its natural alkaline-acidic ph balance, the human body is best equipped to fend off the acidic and alkaline stresses it encounters on a daily basis. If you’re trying to get well after being sick or having surgery, this is an absolute must!

If your body’s electric field is too positively charged, you are in an acidic condition. In order to determine your body’s ph level, you can pick up some test strips from your neighborhood drugstore or health food store. They can quickly and easily determine whether you are an acid or alkaline pH.

Detox cleanse foot baths could help in the these areas

  • Enhances sleep pattern
  • Get rid of heavy metals.
  • Blood clot material is taken out.
  • Getting the immune system stronger
  • Help the liver and kidneys work better
  • Can ease pain and stiffness in joints caused by arthritis
  • Help people get better after getting hurt or having surgery

During a detox cleanse ionic foot bath, the water will change color as the ions work to remove toxins. Different hues indicate different possible sites of detoxification throughout the body.

  • Orange: The joints
  • Dark green: The gallbladder
  • Black flecks: heavy metals
  • Red flecks; blood clotting material
  • Brown or black water: The liver
  • White foam: Lymph nodes deprived
  • Green or yellowy: The urinary tract, kidneys

The color of the water can be affected by a number of factors, including the source of the water and the user’s health. Putting the copper array into water by itself can cause the water to turn a variety of colors, including brown. But the floating oily residue is the true test of whether or not the body is flushing out harmful poisons. There will be less gross buildup in the water as you use the machine more.

Staying hydrated is crucial to getting the most out of this system. It is crucial to replenish lost fluids and minerals by consuming lots of excellent water (not distilled) before and throughout the exercise, as well as using colloidal minerals and electrolytes. This guarantees superior conductivity.

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