Foods For Your Heart – Healthy Food Shopping List To Prevent Heart Disease

The average weight of humans is increasing, and our diets massively changed in the late 20th century. Our diets moved away from being based on whole real food to those filled with fat, junk food, sugar, and factory made processed food.

We are in an obesity epidemic, and is a direct result of our sedentary lives, and dietary habits. Unfortunately, this fuels the risk of chronic diseases, and consequently early death.

The role of diet is vital in preventing cardiovascular disease. It is one of the biggest changes that you can make to have an impact on the risk factors of heart disease. Here are a variety of tips on what foods can help prevent heart disease.

best spices and herbs instead of salt best for heart Fruits and Vegetables for your heart healthy snacks for heart meats and poultry fish for your heartTop foods that lower bad CHOLESTEROL LDL CHOLESTEROL

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