How To Make Lips Pink and Soft Naturally

natural pink lips remedy

one spoon milkHigh Fat Milk saffron for lipsSaffron

Remedy 1


  • 1 Spoon high fat milk
  • Add a little bit of saffron

Directions: Mix it by beating and keep it inside the fridge. Apply a thin coating on your lips, and clean it with a moist cotton wool. This keeps your lips neat and adds a pinkish color.

milk glassMilk rose petalsRose petals ground almondsGround almonds

Remedy 2


  • Milk
  • Rose petals
  • Ground almonds

Directions: Take some milk, dip couple of rose petals. After a while, mash the rose petals in the milk, and then remove the residue. The milk will end up pinkish, and then add ground almonds. After that, blend well and store inside the fridge.

Apply this on your lips and after a while, rub it off with a moist cotton wool. Frequent applications will give you an all-natural pinkish radiant lip very quickly. Or, you can also apply pure clarified butter on your lips before going to bed. This will keep your lips smooth and juicy.

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