13 Cancer Fighting Foods For Your Juicer

13 Cancer Fighting Foods. Antioxidants can help to strengthen your immune system in a variety of ways, which can help with everything from fighting off a common cold to protecting you from the development of cancer. One key function of the immune system is to block the passage of harmful compounds throughout the body through inflammation.

A weak immune system is not able to prevent these compounds from spreading, while a damaged one may over inflame and lead to other major complications. Antioxidants and flavonoids in particular, keep your immune system in check and help it to fight off diseases.

They also reduce the likelihood of developing diabetes, suffering from a stroke and the onset of arthritis, all of which become more prominent and harmful with age.

Additionally, several studies have shown promise in the spice turmeric reducing risks for cancer, and it makes a great addition to various juice blends. Here are some of the best cancer fighting foods you can put into your juicer.

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