Best Teeth Whitening – A Proven Natural Remedy For Teeth Whitening That Works

Remedy For Teeth Whitening

Do you want natural and permanent teeth whitening? Do you think all your tried remedies are not helping much? It is not easy to get bright and shining teeth. You will need a daily effort to make your smile attractive. To help you out, the following is the details of a natural remedy. This herbal remedy is proven to have beneficial effects on your body. It has been used for hundreds of years to get back the shine and natural color of teeth.

Bay Leaves: Bay leaves are used to treat some common ailments. But do you know it is effective to improve your teeth color? Bay leaves can help you to get whiter teeth.

Bay leaves have antiseptic properties that can boost your immunity. A strong immunity is the base of a healthy body. In fact, the benefits of Bay Leaves are supported by modern research. You can use this traditional natural remedy to make your teeth naturally whiter. You can mix bay leaves with orange peel to maximize the Some of The Best Teeth Whitening DIY Homemade.

How to prepare this home remedy for teeth whitening.
This simple remedy can be prepared by following four easy steps.

dried orange peel for teeth whitening

Step 1: Get the orange peel and dried it up completely to make it powder. You can make powder by using a pestle and mortar.

dried bay leaves for teeth whitening

Step 2: Follow the same process to make the powder of bay leaves. Bay leaves are available in dried form. You can just grind it to make powder.

mix bay leaves and orange peel

Step 3: Get these powders and mix them properly. The combination of bay leaves and orange peel is an excellent home-bleaching recipe. You just need to prepare a paste of this mixture.

bay leaves paste for teeth whitening

Step 4: Add some water, mix well and apply the paste to your teeth and leave it for 10-15 minutes and them spit the paste out and rinse your mouth. You can also brush your teeth.

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