Aloe Vera – Perfect For Healing Cuts, Infections, Cysts and Burns


The ancient Egyptians named it “the plant of immortality” and over the years it’s become a go-to plant for many medicinal and therapeutic purposes. You’ll see it as an ingredient in many of the popular remedies for sunburns.

Aloe Vera belongs to the Liliaceae family of cactus and many people grow it for its healing properties. It is easy to grow and great to have on hand for an unexpected burn or skin irritation. You can also buy pure aloe vera gel in tubes, which makes it a handy remedy to carry around with you.

Heres Natures Cure For Burns Cuts and Infections

Aloe Vera Treats Skin Wounds and Infections

The secreted gel from the plant can be applied directly to the skin to help the healing process for superficial skin damage from cuts, infections, cysts, abrasions and burns. As well as assisting in more rapid healing, the cool gel provides some pain relief.

Although well-known as a topical skin healing plant, research is now being conducted about its usefulness in treating chronic skin conditions such as genital herpes, psoriasis, skin ulcers, canker sores and more.

Aloe Vera’s Antioxidant Properties for Aging Skin

Skin naturally deteriorates as we age, as a result of hormonal changes and the ravages of free radicals, which alter our skins cellular structure. Plentiful antioxidants in the Aloe Vera such as Vitamin C, E and beta carotene neutralize free radicals.

The moisture-retention properties of Aloe Vera improve firmness and help hydrate the skin to keep it moist and supple. By doing so, Aloe Vera is able to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that naturally occur when we begin to lose skin elasticity.

Reduce Stretch Marks and Restore Elasticity

Those who have gained weight and then lost it (including women who have given birth) can successfully use Aloe Vera to help reduce stretch marks caused when the skin is stretched and torn by weight gain. Aloe Vera heals the scars and helps the skin regain some of its former elasticity.

Moisturize Dry, Normal or Oily Skin

As a skin moisturizer, Aloe Vera can’t be beat, especially for those with oily skin. It doesn’t feel greasy and can be applied as a moisturizer after cleansing. It can be used by any skin type.

Aloe is also perfect to use after shaving to both moisturize the skin and to treat and heal small shaving cuts. Acne can be much improved by the powerful hormones found in Aloe Vera, both by prevention and also repair of affected skin.

These hormones not only help to heal wounds but also contain anti-inflammatory properties important in lessening skin inflammation. They act to heal the skin rapidly to reduce scarring.

The effectiveness of Aloe Vera for natural skin care is known the world over. As a natural remedy, it’s used in many skin care preparations. Or, you can simply break off a leaf of the plant and use the excreted gel to lessen the pain and annoyance of blisters, itching and other types of skin inflammations.

aloe vera heals cuts infections cysts abrasions and burns

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