Homemade Hair Remover DIY Remedies

All Natural and Won't Cause Harm To Your Skin

So, you want to get rid of the unwanted hair. You are looking for a safe and natural solution. In this article, we will focus on a few natural hair removal solutions that you can prepare with the available ingredients of your home. For these solutions, you will need honey, lemon juice, and brown sugar.

Why Honey, Lemon Juice and Brown Sugar?

Honey has a number of skin benefits. It can help to moisturize your skin and to make it soft and smooth. You can also use it to delay aging and to get rid of the unwanted hair.

Lemon Juice is best to get rid of the excess oil and to control acne breakouts. It is good to reduce acne marks and improve complexion. Yes, you can use this to remove your facial hair.

Brown Sugar is used to resolve many beauty problems such as removing dead skin cells and protecting from pollution. It can work excellent to remove your unwanted hair while combined with lemon juice and honey.

Lemon Juice & Honey

Honey and lemon juice masks can be very effective to remove your hair. In fact, you can expect a better result than wax with regularity. The honey and lemon wax will remove your hair naturally with the same time-period of waxing. However, you need to use it twice a week to get fresh and better skin.

The mixture will pluck off your hair without causing any cut. As it will completely pluck out, there will be no possibility of thicker hair re-growth. If you apply this mixture more than six months on your hair continuously, your hair will be completely gone. The best thing is that you can prepare this wax at your home.

Brown Sugar and Lemon Juice

Brown sugar and lemon juice blend will offer the same benefit. This combination is used to remove dead skin cells. You can also use it to get rid of the unwanted hair. You can add lemon juice and brown sugar in water and then boil it to prepare your wax. Cool it down and use it to remove your hair effortlessly.

Brown Sugar, Honey, & Lemon Juice

Mix these ingredients and heat it to get the wax consistency. It is natural and will not cause any harm to your skin. You can also use it when it is cold.

You should always use hot water to clean your wax. Also, you can clean your strips in the hot water for future use.

1 tbsp honey
1 tbsp lemon juice
3 tbsp brown sugar

1. Add all ingredients in a microwave safe bowl, make it slightly warm (in Microwave)
2. Allow the mixture to cool a little bit, then apply to facial hair with a popsicle stick
3. With a muslin cloth rub slightly
4. Remove hair with a swift pull, opposite to the direction of hair growth

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