Health and Wellness Motivation Quotes 21-41

If our quality of life is low, we feel depressed, or suppressed or oppressed. On the other hand, when our quality of life is high, we then feel that we can do anything, and we are happy and content with the way our life is going.

Quality of life is something that can be improved but first we must identify any areas of our life that we feel are lacking.

By investigating all the areas of wellness and ensuring that everything receives a fair amount of attention, we improve our quality of life and our capacity for developing the things that need to be improved or enhanced.

Ultimately, this includes, home, work, and play. By this we are referring to what you do for a living on a daily basis, the environment you actually live in and spend most of your time in and the things you do when you have time for yourself.

Health and Wellness Motivation Quotes 1-20

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